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I'm a simple Scottish girl with an unusual name and a strange obsession for nail polish! My aim is to capture what the eye sees, with a camera! Too much nail polish and never enough time. I have also started wildlife photography, which I enjoy very much. Welcome to my little world :-)

2020 Buys

So I have decided to create a page for my purchases throughout the year! COMPLETE


Home Bargains: Gingerbread Nail Cream & File and Candy Sugar Drops Nail Cream & File
Total Cost around £2.50 from Home Bargains

Home Bargains: Glitter Pink, Glitter Purple, Glitter Red and Glitter White
Total Cost around £3 from Home Bargains

Laval: Pink Champagne, Silver Pearls, Flame and Glitter Dazzel

Laval: Pink Glitter, Purple Glitter, Sunset Glitter and Gold Glitter
Total Cost £8 from One Below

Max & More: Screaming Green, Flashing Yellow, Smashing Orange, Kicking Pink, Splashing Purple and Shocking Blue
Total Cost £1 from One Below

W7: Congrats Confetti, Encore Confetti, Festivity Confetti, I Love Confetti, Lucky Confetti and Wish Confetti
Total Cost about £13 from B&Ms

Essence: Nail Stickers and Message Stickers
Christmas Gift from my friend Enara Girl - thank you <3



Sally Hansen: Pumped Up Pink. Barry M: Forgotten Fortune and Rare Rubies
Total Cost £8.98 from Superdrug
Kiko Holiday Gems: Ravishing Ruby, Blazing Burgundy, Rose Quartz and <no name silver>
Total Cost from Kiko Instore £9.98

Treacle Moon Hand Cream: Raspberry, Marshmallow and Coconut
Total Cost £6 from Treacle Moon's Online Site


Home Bargains: Go Glitter Set - Silver, Gold, Pink, Red, Purple and Blue glitters
Total Cost £2.99 from Home Bargains

Make Up Gallery: 56 Coral Reef, 57 Lime Zest and 58 Gold Nugget.
Total Cost £3 from Poundland
W7: Magic Mirror
Total Cost £2.99 from TK Maxx
Poundland: Xmas 2020 Set Red and Silver
Total Cost £1 fron Poundland
Sally Hansen: Black and Blue
Total Cost £1.99 from TK Hughes
F&F: Twinkle
Total Cost £2.50 from Tesco
W7: Atlantis
Total Cost £1.99 from TG Hughes


Sinful Colors: Kargo. NYX: Baby Pink Glitter, Boho and Royal Purple.
Total Cost £7.96 from Beauty Outlet
Revlon: Daring Grafitti. W7: Matte Silver and Matte Chocolate.
Total Cost £5.97 from Beauty Outlet

Sally Hansen: Red-itation, Sticks & Stones, Wild Strawberry and Denim.
Total Cost 7.95 from Beauty Outlet

Primark:Sparkle, Supernova, Galactic, Sangria, Aqua-Marine and Evergreen.
Total Cost £3.60 from Primark.

Barry M: Web Effects, Strawberry Laces, Coconut Cream and Blueberry Bonbon.
Barry M: Satsuma, Sugar Apple and Sky Blue.
Barry M: Cafe Velvet, Crushed Ribbon, Plush Blush, Oyster Pink, Modern Mauve and Crimson Couture.

Barry M: Blue Saphhire, Emerald Green and Amethyst.

Barry M: Bronze Bae, Pink Ice, Purple Frost, Holographic Moon, Holographic Sunburst and Pink Luxe.

Barry M: Crystal Blue, Celestial Silver, Fuchsia Kiss, Golden Hour and Peachy Feels.
Total Cost Web Effects £1 from Poundland and rest about £65 from Barry M online.


Nothing purchased!!!!


Next: Velvet Rose, Disco Daze, (Mauvey Brown), Anaconda, London and Cha Cha Cha

Next: Sweetcheeks, Jelly Bean, Mean Girls, Pink Lava and Fairy Dust
Total cost £10.50 from Next

W7: Top row - Electra and Nebula. Bottom Row - Oriella, Vortex, Blood Moon and Unity
Total cost £9 form B&Ms

Essece: Shine On Me, City Of Stars, Sparks Fly and Everybody Says Yeah

Essence: Anything Goes, Take Me To Heaven and Don't Stop Believing
Total Cost £11.20 from Wilkos

Technic: Electro and various nail stickers
 Total Cost £2.50 from a pound shop!

Hand Cream
Total Cost less than £2 from Home Bargains

Primark: Petal, Fire and Freesia

Primark: Ruby, Starry Night, Fallen Angel and Golden (all minis)
Total Cost about £7 from Primark

Kiko Unexpected Paradise: Sweet Armony, Enjoy Yourself, Wonderwall, Feel Good and Transforming Top Coat.
Total Cost from Kiko Online £25


Cien: Berry Kiss and Lollipop
Total Cost £3 from Lidl

Hand Cream
Total Cost £1 from Poundland

Bourjois: Purple Fiction, Beach Violet and Marron Show. Revolution: Boom Boom
Total Cost £3 for B from Poundland and £4 for R from Superdrug

Kiko: Indra's Net, Be Ethical, New Dawn and Watermelon Party
Total Cost £26 from Kiko Online

Kiko: Pearly Golden White, Metallic Jungle Green, Yellow, Fuchsia and Peacock Green

Kiko: Pearly Cyclamen, Tangerine, Metallic Light Grey, Mint Milk and Iridescent Unicorn

Kiko: Greenery, Metallic Tangerine, Silver, Orange and Pearly Cranberry
Total Cost £22 from Kiko Online


Barry M: Blood Orange (Chinese New Year), Underworld and Mermaid Tail

Barry M: Sour Candy, Raspberry Ripple, Grape Soda, Mandarin, Lemon Sorbet and Pistachio

Barry M: Red Sea, Rock Pool, Night Sky, Boysenberry and Evergreen

Barry M: Lilac Orchid, Cranberry, Salt Lake and Charcoal

Total Cost about £50 from Barry M Online


5 bottle of nail polish remover
Total Cost £5 - from B&Ms

4 bottles of Makeup Gallery Ridge Filler/Base Coat
Total Cost £4 - from Poundland

3 packets of cotton pads
Total Cost no idea and can't remember where from!

2 hand creams
Total Cost £1.58 - from Home Bargains

W7: Fluorescent Pink, Serenity and Grantiana
Total Cost £4.50 - from B&Ms

Poundland: You've Got This Set - Glitter Pink and Baby Pink
Total Cost £1 - from Poundland

Kiko Tuscan Sunshine: Pindaric Flight, Allegory Of Spring, Enchanting Landscape and Limitless Vineyard
Total Cost £16 - from Kiko Online

Home Bargains: Holographic Purple, Holographic Pink and Holographic Peach
Total Cost £2.10 - from Home Bargains

Barry M: Native Purple, Desert Orange, Ocean Blue, Rainforest Green, Tropical Pink and Wild Mint
Total Cost £16 - from Superdrug


Total Cost £2 - from Poundland


W7: Crushed, Alanala, White Wedding and Breanna

Barry M: Black Grape (spare as I keep using it), Gingerbread and Black Pistachio. Sally Hansen: Blue Streak.
Total Cost £16 - from Beauty Outlet

Barry M: Olive
Total Cost £1 - from Poundland

Barry M: Berry Sorbet, Lavender, Candy Floss and Iced Latte
Total Cost £16 - from Boots

Kiko: Lavender Syrup, Cherry Cake, Sweet Pomegranate, Dark Indigo and Magenta.

Kiko: Starry Gold, Obsession Pink, Mermaid Pink and Mermaid Violet.
Total Cost £27 - from Kiko Online


  1. I should totally start a tab like this! I guess my Zoya post was kind of a start :)

    1. Yeah you should, I like seeing the haul posts :-D

  2. Oh so pretty! The Kiko ones look metallic!

  3. This is a great idea, I may need to do my own 2020 page ;)

    1. You really should, I'd love to see your purchases altogether :-D