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Monday, 3 February 2020

Home Bargains Born To Sparkle Set - Powederd By Glitter

Another one from the set!

This is easy to use, easy to apply and okay drying (5-6 minutes a coat). It is a lovely pink based holo glitter polish. Looks okay solo and on the dark colour too. Lasted really well.

Easy to use = 8/10
Application = 8/10
Drying time = 7/10
Lasted well = 8/10
Coats = 2 solo, 1 as topper
Finish = holo glitter
Removal = easy with foil method, soak for 2 minutes
Overall = 8/10
Purchased from = Home Bargains

My Personal Rating = 8/10


  1. Que linda combinação
    Novo post
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  2. Olá, tudo bem?
    Eu amo esmalte com glitter.

    1. Hello!I am good thanks :-D

      It is a good glitter, thanks :-D

  3. Such a great set! I really like this two colours sparkling manicure. It looks great.

  4. Me encanta la combinación de los dos colores.

  5. Nice but not as special as the other ones 😊

    1. Yeah some are better than the others! :-D

  6. I love Glitter's enamels !!! They are my favorite in the world ... Until I have to remove them, hahaha!
    From now on you have a new follower.
    I invite you to stop by my blog and follow me.
    Good day!!

    1. Me too! Yes they are annoying but worth it!

      I will :-D

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