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Tuesday 21 February 2012

Rimmel Heart on Fire

Before I discovered the more expensive ranges, Rimmel was my favourite brand of all time! Nothing could come near it. I think out of the cheaper end, it still is my favourite :-). This is a gorgeous red colour. I had been trying to find a replacement red for a Rimmel I loved from years back called Hot Fever, but it's not this one nor Hot Gossip. I'll need to wear it one day soon!
All without flash.

All above 1 coat.

It's a lovely red colour. This is easy to use, easy to apply and is very quick drying. I only used one coat so didn't last too long and scuffed easily so next time I'll use 2 coats. Nice colour and fairly easy to pick up.

8 out of 10. Got it for under £4 from Superdrug, but can be picked up most places with a Rimmel stand.

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