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Thursday 30 June 2011

Crackle Playing With Lemon Ice Cream

Decided to experiment (once again) with the Barry M crackles (Nail Effects).

From L-R we have: Barry M Pink Nail Effects (Pink Fizz NP 314) and Barry M Black Nail Effects (Black Magic NP 311).

I alternated the colours.

How cool does that yellow/black combo look! These is something appealing about the yellow/pink too.

(Didn't mean this one to look so rude - soz.)

The crackle nail varnishes are pretty cool I think. They don't last as long and tend to be a bit duller (matte I guess) but I'm not that fussed about using a shiny top coat.

Both these cost £3.99 from Superdrug. And VERY cool.

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Barry M Lemon Ice Cream 307

I bought this from Superdrug (£2.99) a few months back when I had been going though a pastel phase. Do we all go through a pastel phase I wonder?

This was quite watery and needed 3 coats!!!! I'm usually a two coat girl, but not this one. After 3 I thought it looked pretty good. With one coat is was too weak looking and after 2 it looked yuk yellow! But 3 did for me.

These were all taken outdoors. Didn't get an artifical light picture.

I do like the Barry M varnishes. I usually only wear them for 2-3 days. Let's face it, every few days I've got a different colour on! I do think the Barry M's are good value for the money. I normally get them from my local Superdrug or online from the official site when they have a promo code offer on.

Yup, I do like this colour and think it's a good yellow to start off with if you are after a yellow nail varnish.

Saturday 25 June 2011

Jester Playing With Crackle

I recently jumped on the Crackle/Shatter bandwagon and own a couple. All the Barry M's, OPI Black Shatter (over £5!) and W7 Silver Earthquake.

I played about with Jester (from the previous post) with these three:

From L-R we have W7 Silver Earthquake, Barry M Blue Nail Effects (Blue Print NP 315) and Barry M White Nail Effects (White Frost NP 316).

These were the results:

I do like the Crackle Nail Polish, it's a great idea. But I'm still getting used to the application, I still find it difficult!!

I'm liking the Red/White combo, would be good for Christmas time. 

W7 Silver Earthquake was £1.99 from B&Ms
Both Barry M's £3.99 from Superdrug

Asda George 46 Jester Nail Varnish

I've had this one for a while now and decided to try it as I had been on an Asda high lately!

It's a reddy colour with little specks of glitter that are quite subtle. Application was okay but does need at least 2 coats which the following pictures are (with flash in doors).

The next picture is outdoors (without flash). If you look closely, you can see glittery specks on zoom.

And finally outdoors (with flash).

I do like this colour and if you're a fan of red I'd go for it! Cost me £1.75 from Asda, but is currently £1. Another bargain!

Thursday 23 June 2011

Asda George Nail Varnish £1 More!

I just had to buy more! :-)

From L-R we have: 17 Sunset Orange, 5 Under The Sea and 69 Smarty Pants.

Photo certainly doesn't show up the real colours apart from Under The Sea. Sunset Orange is a strong orange colour and Smarty Pants is a kinda mint greeny colour.

You just can't beat them at £1 each! I'm stocking up on them at this price as I bought loads at £1.75 a few months back.

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Asda George 45 Warrior Nail Varnish

After buying those 8 Varnishes from Asda, I decided to wear 45 Warrior on Tuesday night.

It was very easy to apply - no fuss and no hassle! Went on smoothly. 2 coats.

I only managed to get pictures of it in artificial light with flash. Let's face it, Scotland is VERY wet at the moment, no chance of natural light pictures.

I would say it's a bronzy/goldy colour - but it clearly looks goldy in the pictures. It certainly has a bronzy look in real life.

Certainly good quality, can't complain for £1!

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Asda George Nail Varnish £1

So I was shopping in Asda today and found they've Rolled Back the George Nail Varnish to £1, so I had to buy a few!

From L-R we have: 64 Witchcraft, 33 Sherbert Fizz, 45 Warrior, 18 Princess Pink, 16 Buttercup Shine, 51 Nightmare, 9 Cloudless Sky and 71 Boom.

Saturday 18 June 2011

Rimmel 025 Strawberry Fizz

A scented nail varnish - what's that all about???
So this is part of the scented range Rimmel have released. I had to try it!!!

It was easy to apply and had a nice finish. As far as the strawberries smell, I didn't notice it until about an hour after it had completely dried. It wasn't a strong smell, but pleasant, similar to strawberry sweeties (e.g. Haribo or the likes). It lasted a good 24 hours. LOL I kept wanting to sniff my nails - musta looked like a right weirdo!

The above picture is in natural light (in my garden!). It's a very girlie pink and pretty.

Certainly does look good on!

The above one is with the flash, not the best picture I've ever taken!

And finally in doors (artificial light):

I purchased this from Superdrug for £2.99. I think it's a good polish and am a fan of Rimmel. I only had it on for 3 days, it didn't chip and the scent didn't last long. If you fancy something something a wee bit different then I'd buy this.

Thursday 16 June 2011


Hello and welcome to my blog. 

This is for reviews/swatches of cheaper nail varnishes.

I will include anything that is under £5.