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Sunday 28 August 2011

Avon Matte Red Velvet

I got this from the website in a 4 for £10 deal. I got another 3 mattes: Black As Night, Grey Cement and Violetta. Wasn't so keen on the Inky Blue. I quite like mattes and the only ones I've tried before are the George ones from Asda. And I've tried the Rimmel Matte Top Coat on a few nails too. So I decided to try the Avon range as I've been getting to like their polishes.
So first up is the Red, clue in the name!
It looks as if it's got a gold shimmer to it! Not so though.
All indoors with flash.

 And without flash, but under the light.
Yup, I'd say the pictures are a good representation of the colour. A colour which I like!

It's easy to hold, easy to use and the brush is pretty good. BUT I found this one hard to apply, something which I hadn't noticed with the George Mattes. I think it was because it dried so quickly! So be careful when applying it. It gave a good finish with 2 coats, which all of the above are.

7 out of 10. Good colour, good polish and lasted well for a matte. Sadly no longer available from the Avon Site, but easy to pick up on eBay for under a fiver.

Saturday 27 August 2011

W7 Golden Sands

I picked this one up from B & Ms for £1.49 last week! They often have a good selection of W7 and I've got all my W7 collection from there.
It's a subtle gold colour but very lovely.
All without flash, but under the light.

The gold colour reminds me of the golden hints in OPI's Electric Eel. All above are 2 coats.

W7's are easy to use and have a good brush. This one was easy to apply and needs 2 coats. Gave a good finish, was quick to dry and has a good formula. Last well too.

No complaints about this one. 7 out of 10. Good polish and good colour. If there isn't a B & Ms near you, I think you'd find it on eBay.

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Barry M Pink Iridescent NP264

A glittery top coat on a bright pink nail polish from Posh Polishes. This is sparkly and pretty.
The two following pictures are without flash but under a light.

It's quite hard to see, but it sparkles!

I only used 1 coat in the above as I thought it was enough. This one took AGES to dry and was slightly rough. It was easy to use, apply and the Barry M brush is pretty good. Got a few comments from the girls at work, they thought it was pretty cool.

I like it and this is the second time I've had it on in the past few months (the first time before I started blogging!) I'd give it 6 out of 10 as it took a while to dry. But it's a good polish and I do like it. Superdrug for £2.99, also available on the Barry M Official site.

Sunday 21 August 2011

Avon Powdery Mauve

This is one I got from a girl at work, she gave me a good few of the old Avon ones.
It's one from the Color Trend range, which tend to be a bit cheaper than the others. I'd say it's purple/red.
Indoors with flash.

And without flash, but under a light :-p

I tried my best to capture this colour. All above are 2 coats. It was easy to use and easy to apply. The formula was quite thick, but I think that's because it's old - though it didn't display any signs of use. 1 coat would have done but I did 2. It took a while to dry but gave a good finish. The brush with this range of Avon is pretty good too.

My only concern with this one is that it scuffed easily, so a top coat is required and when I wear it again I'll be putting a top coat on! What me :-p!

7 out of 10. Probably eBay would be the place to get this because I've not seen in the catalogue or website.

Friday 19 August 2011

2True Shade 2

Glittery sparkle-tastic fun with this one!

Sparkly with little flecks that catch the light and look purple-ish.

All of the following are indoors with flash.

It's quite hard to capture! Looks like I've got snow on my nails, this one is ideal for Christmas time.
And without flash.

I think they are a bit easier to make out! All are 1 coat on top of the previous post Barry M Berry Ice Cream.

This one was easy to use, lid was easy to hold and polish was easy to apply due to the fairly decent brush. 1 coat was enough for a subtle effect, for a more obvious effect, use 2 coats. It dried quickly with a good finish and was smooth. Sparkly!!!

I like this nail polish and it's cheap too, I think it was around £1.99 from Superdrug (can't remember the exact price but cheap). I'd wear this one again for sure 7 out of 10.

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Barry M Berry Ice Cream NP308

Slowly working my way through my Barry M collection. There are still a few I have to pick up before I've got all the ones I want. This is a pastel lilac colour.
All of the following are indoors with flash.

It's a very nice purple!

And indoors without flash.
I really liked this colour. It did get a good few comments, all positive! It was easy to apply, easy to use and dried quickly. All of the above are of 2 coats as 1 coat is too weak. When I was applying the 2nd coat, I noticed it started to streak unless I had a lot on the brush, so make sure you've got plenty on the brush for the 2nd coat to get a good finish.

8 out of 10. Can be easily found in Superdrug, Boots, online or from the official site!

Sunday 14 August 2011

Marks and Spencer Sorbet

This is one I picked up from eBay a few weeks ago. Trying to work my way through them!
I would say this is a rosy pink colour. Certainly looks nice in the bottle

All the following are indoors with flash.

And indoors without flash.
The above one is the nearest to what it actually looks like. Rosy pink!

This is very easy to apply and has a good formula. The M&S lid is also very easy to hold. All pictures are with 2 coats, but I do think one would have done. It was quick drying and gave a good finish - shiny! And it had a good life, lasted for a good few days.

I got 4 from eBay but you pick this up from M&S for £3 and it's worth it! 7 out of 10 for sure!

Saturday 13 August 2011

Nina Ultra Pro Molten Gold

Iridescent-tastic! I'm in love!
Doesn't look so from the bottle in the above picture though. Let me tell you it is!!! Mixes of coppers and pinks!

The following are all indoors with flash.

And the last is in my car, no flash.
You can really see the different colours in that one!

I love this polish and love this make. This is the first one I've had and would have more for sure. It's a good formula and goes on the nail nicely. The lid is easy to hold making application a breeze. It dried quickly and 2 coats (all above) gave a good finish. AND it lasted well too despite doing muchos paperwork.

This one is a sure fire 9 out of 10. And I'll be wearing it in near future. Love it, love it, love it. £3.89 from Sally Salon Services. When I got it, they had buy one get one half price on.

Sunday 7 August 2011

My Sunday Purchases

Went shopping today and bought the following!!!
First up we have Barry M. 2 for £4.99 in Superdrug at the moment.
L-R: Spring Green (NP 290), Yellow (NP 134), Bright Purple (NP 303) and Blueberry Ice Cream (NP 306)

From L-R: Collection 2000 Cloud Nine, Rimmel Misty Jade, Max Factor Max Effect Diva Pink and Max Factor Max Effect Red Carpet Glam.
All from Tesco. Collection 2000 £2.99, Rimmel £2.99 and both Max Factors were £3.99.

From L-R: Nina Ultra Pro Mermaid, Nina Ultra Pro Caribbean Blue, Nina Ultra Pro Poison Apple, Nina Ultra Pro Molten Gold and Beauty UK Night Fever.
All the Nina Ultra Pro nail polishes are from Sally Salon Services for £3.89, but they currently have an offer on of buy one get one half price. Beauty UK from Superdrug costing £2.99

Accessorize all from Superdrug for £4.
L-R: 41 Bronze, 42 Electric Blue, 36 Gold Dust, 37 Ruby Sparkle, 34 Purple Passion and 35 Pink Spice.

Again £4 from Superdrug.
L-R: 6 Notorious, 3 Starlet and 7 Pin-Up.

So there you have it, today's purchases.

Saturday 6 August 2011

Collection 2000 Hot Looks 41 Swizzles

When Collection 2000 released the new Hot Looks polishes I picked up most of them. This is a pinky one.
Hehe it's not new, but I don't usually bother removing these stickers!

All indoors with flash.

All above are 2 coats but 1 coat would have done. It was easy to apply, the lid with these Collection 2000s is easy to use and the brush is good as well. It certainly dried quickly too. It was quite thick, not sure if it was bordering on gloopy. And it lasted well.

It's a nice colour and I would definitely wear it again. 7 out of 10.

Can be purchased from many places! Mine is from Superdrug for £1.79, though I might have picked it up in the 3 for 2 offer they occasionally run.