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Monday 18 February 2013

Rimmel Baby Bellini

I spotted a few new Rimmel polishes when I was in Boots (I think? might have been Superdrug!) and thought they look really nice. Picked them up. This is a lovely purple one that Mr Economy was quite keen on.

This is easy to use, easy to apply and fairly quick drying. The loveliness in the 1st bottle pic doesn't really translate to the nail that well sadly. I think this is a dead ringer for W7's Purple Rain and that's not a bad thing as I like it! This lasted really well and it's very pretty!

Easy to use = 8/10
Application = 8/10
Drying time = 8/10
Lasted well = 8/10
Coats = 2
Finish = metallic like
Removal = okay
Overall = 8/10

My Personal Rating = 8/10 lovely


  1. amazing.just my tyèe-iìll look 4 it. missing ur mails. have u seen my "a mani a month challange"? i'd like u to jump in!

    1. I'll have and look. And I'll get around to mailing you, work has been mental!

  2. I love your nail designs and i love your blog. i am your newest follower. Please take a visit on my blog too: http://roxyru.blogspot.ro
    Kisses and thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks! I'll have a look and follow you :-)