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Thursday 13 March 2014

Maybelline Lava Shimmer

This one is quite old but I picked it up fairly recently, within the last 2 years certainly!

This is easy to use, easy to apply and fairly quick drying for an old polish. It's iridescent. Red-like in some lights and orange in others. I like it. Lasted well.

Easy to use = 8/10
Application = 8/10 good brush
Drying time = 8/10
Lasted well = 8/10
Coats = 2
Finish = shiny and iridescent
Removal = easy
Overall = 8/10
Purchased from = either eBay or a poundshop, I can't remember!

My Personal Rating = 8/10 pretty!


  1. It looks like a red-orange-brown one. I like it. I have Sally Hansen's Lustre'n'Shine nail polish called "Lava" and I like it, I've used 20% of the bottle, that means much in my case, lol:D
    Maybelline was waiting for two years and came into daylight :) and is looking really good :)

    1. It does. I do like the look of the Sally Hansen Lustre, but can't get them at a good price over here and they are so expensive to order in from the US :-( Wow 20% is a lot!

      Yeah it waited long enough and then got its time out :-)

  2. You know, this Maybelline nail polish can be better than Sally because you need 4 coats to get the look from the bottle - I was disappointed with that, Sally Hansen's Lava wasn't much opaque.

    1. That's a lot of coats! But I bet it looks good :-)

    2. Too many coats, that's why I don't use it too often nowadays, but the result is pretty indeed.

  3. I like how it's has that iridescent look about it.

    PS: Are you good with your nail art? If yes, can you please contact me (trishie@underlockandkeyblog.com) I have a little collaboration I mind that I would like to propose....

    1. Yeah it's cool.

      I'm not very good with nail art and don't really do it, sorry.

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    1. Hehe you think so lol? I never really thought about it :-)