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Wednesday 29 June 2011

Barry M Lemon Ice Cream 307

I bought this from Superdrug (£2.99) a few months back when I had been going though a pastel phase. Do we all go through a pastel phase I wonder?

This was quite watery and needed 3 coats!!!! I'm usually a two coat girl, but not this one. After 3 I thought it looked pretty good. With one coat is was too weak looking and after 2 it looked yuk yellow! But 3 did for me.

These were all taken outdoors. Didn't get an artifical light picture.

I do like the Barry M varnishes. I usually only wear them for 2-3 days. Let's face it, every few days I've got a different colour on! I do think the Barry M's are good value for the money. I normally get them from my local Superdrug or online from the official site when they have a promo code offer on.

Yup, I do like this colour and think it's a good yellow to start off with if you are after a yellow nail varnish.

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