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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Rimmel 025 Strawberry Fizz

A scented nail varnish - what's that all about???
So this is part of the scented range Rimmel have released. I had to try it!!!

It was easy to apply and had a nice finish. As far as the strawberries smell, I didn't notice it until about an hour after it had completely dried. It wasn't a strong smell, but pleasant, similar to strawberry sweeties (e.g. Haribo or the likes). It lasted a good 24 hours. LOL I kept wanting to sniff my nails - musta looked like a right weirdo!

The above picture is in natural light (in my garden!). It's a very girlie pink and pretty.

Certainly does look good on!

The above one is with the flash, not the best picture I've ever taken!

And finally in doors (artificial light):

I purchased this from Superdrug for £2.99. I think it's a good polish and am a fan of Rimmel. I only had it on for 3 days, it didn't chip and the scent didn't last long. If you fancy something something a wee bit different then I'd buy this.

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