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Tuesday 10 July 2012

Marks & Spencer Sugar Pink

This is quite a subtle colour from the older Marks & Spencer range.

Artificial light.

And natural light.

All above 3 coats!

This is easy to use and easy to apply. The lid is nice to hold and the brush is good making the nail easy to paint. It's fairly quick drying, which is good because it's very subtle and I needed to use 3 coats!  I think it would be better on top of something for sure. It's quite sparkly but need bright light for that! It's nice and will probably try it on top of a dark colour soon. And it did last well!

7 out of 10. I've not been into Marks recently so don't know if they still sell this one.

EDIT - Was in yesterday and they do still sell it but in a slightly different bottle! New range huh? LOL

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