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I'm a simple Scottish girl with an unusual name and a strange obsession for nail polish! My aim is to capture what the eye sees, with a camera! Too much nail polish and never enough time. I have also started wildlife photography, which I enjoy very much. Welcome to my little world :-)

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Scottish meet up with NailsNoob

A few Sundays ago I met up with a fellow blogger Nails Noob.

We went shopping, we had lunch and we spent ages talking! We just clicked!

Her haul:
with my thumbs up!

My haul:
We spent ages in Glasgow going around all the different polish shops. After hours of shopping, we were exhausted so decided to get lunch. We both had Chinese food. I then painted her nails, sadly we forgot to get pictures because we were too busy talking! Then we went Lush and I took her back to Edinburgh.

We are planning another meeting soon! We'll get more pictures for the next one!

A great day was had by all and a good friendship was found :-)


  1. You have a great blog, and now I'm following you, I hope for reciprocity

  2. That so nice Ananka! :) ..and a new friendship was built! you bet girl, ansd I also like that you mentioned we're going to have another meeting, as if everything was planned yet, but defenetly, was too fun not to repeat! I'd come all the way from Italy again just for this! <3

    1. Thanks! It certainly was :-)

      Oh I can't wait for the next meeting! *hugs*

  3. Nice haul, its great you've found a new friend via blogging, xoxo.

    1. I know I'm really pleased and happy that this has happened! :-)

    2. I am too, we truely are friends too now, and I can't wait to meet you again and to come and live near you to spend time together! <3

    3. I know I can't wait either, really excited :-)