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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

MUA Starfish

I'm feeling a lot better, nearly human. The sun is out in Scotland and I'm over the worst of my cold! Yah. Long may it continue and I can dig out the holos!

This is okay to use and okay to apply. The brush and lid are annoying at first, but you will get used to them. It's quite slow drying too. But boy it is a lovely pinky colour. It has little bits of glitter and an almost blue shimmer to it as well. Lasted really well too.

Easy to use = 7/10
Application = 7/10
Drying time =6/10
Lasted well = 8/10
Coats = 2
Finish = shiny and has subtle glitter
Removal = very easy
Overall = 7/10
Purchased from = either the official site or Superdrug, I can't remember!

My Personal Rating = 8/10 lovely colour :-)


  1. I'm not a pinky girl but this pink looks really good. Like sweets :) I like it!

    1. Me too, but I do love this one! Yeah it does look like sweeties lol. :-)

  2. Forgot to write I'm not a GIRL anymore ;)
    Anyway, it's the kind of pink I would be able to wear, I think, very positive and non kitchy.
    My newest discovery is Flormar. I got a matte nail polish and liked it :O (me, matte-hater :O )

    1. Haha I've never really been a pinky girl! It's a good pink to wear for sure.

      Oh yeah Flormar, I will need to try those ones I have the Duo Chrome ones. Flormar do have some great polishes!

      The matte polish must be something special then ;-)

  3. I've noticed I prefer darker pink shades, not the light ones, I like fuchsia.

    Try them, try *tempts*;)
    Matte nail polishes seem a bit weird to me - this one is far better than Golden Rose's matte I used.

    1. Yeah some darker pinks can be really nice.

      So matte polishes can be okay. :-)

  4. i really love this one, though it looks better on the bottle's sample image the in reality.. :(

    1. I like it too. You think so, I think it looks quite different from the sample picture!