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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Technic Shine and Shimmer Shade 30

This one was a cracker, and not in a good way. Boo. I bought it from Bodycare because I thought the colour looked amazing in the bottle. It's a pink with a greeny shimmer.

All in natural light.

All above 3 coats.

Looks nothing like the bottle. I was so disappointed. I know it's got glitter, but I didn't use it. So it's easy to use and fairly quick drying. It's fairly smelly though. I had expected the greeny shimmer to show on the nail. Application was a bit mental, it went on creamy and dried almost clear, I think that's why I needed 3 coats! It also didn't seem to like the nail much. When I was painting, it was like the nail repelled it, well nail I mean base coat! Now I did like the colour, but I'm sure I've got a better quality one with a similar colour! Removal was insane, had to peel it off. I checked the bottle to see if there were any notes on removal. I thought maybe it was special type of polish! So all in all, not great. Won't be keeping it!

5 out of 10. But nice colour. Hehe.

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