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Sunday 17 July 2011

Accessorize 38 Aztec

Oh my goodness golly gosh. I'm in love! This is a brilliant colour.
At first glance it looks purple with a hint of gold in it. BUT no! It's iridescent and a nail varnish of many talents! Purple, gold, bronze and green were among the colours I caught.

Inside with flash.

Indoors without flash.
The pictures don't really do it justice.

Outside in the sunshine.

I think between the pictures you can see all the different colours. But they really don't portray just how fantastic this nail varnish really is!

I love it, I love it, I love it. I'd have to say that my favourite types of nail varnishes are the iridescent ones.

It dried quickly, application was good and the finish was good. The only down side was the lid, I found it a wee bit tricky at first to hold.

£4 from Superdrug. And worth every penny. 9 out of 10 as the lid was tricky to hold. Buy it, you will not be disappointed.

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