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Sunday 3 July 2011

Meteorites Shooting Star Playing With Older Collection 2000 242

I love the Meteorites collection from Blue Cross, they are so glittery and shiny! Bought a whole bunch of them fairly recently from eBay and I decided to try one of them out on the 242 from the previous post.
This one is called Shooting Star.

It's very sparkly and holographic - I like that very much.
In artificial light with flash.

If you zoom you can see the different colours as it caught the light from the flash.

And finally in the sunshine (amazing we actually got some in Scotland one day!).
All in all I would say this is good. I made the big mistake of not using a top coat and I would HIGHLY recommend one as the little flakes kept peeling off. Also I would advise against picking them off :-p

The flakes are a lovely golden colour that are holographic. I do like things that are versatile and multi-coloured. I just used the one coat in the above pictures. AND it came off with ease when I was removing it!

I paid about 60p for this and would pay more for it because I'm a fan of glittery tops on my nails. If you like glittery then I'd buy it.

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