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Thursday 1 September 2011

Avon Decadence

Avon recently had a good offer of buy 4 polishes for £10. So I could not resist getting a few! The previous post has a matte. But this is for Decadence, a gorgeous purple shiny polish.
It looks like it's got a blue shimmer to it!
All indoors with flash.

And without but under the light.
Certainly has a blue shimmer to it and little flecks of glitter. All above are 2 coats. It was easy to apply and easy to use. 2 coats gave a good finish and was fairly quick drying. It's not the best formula and I think some of the Avon polishes are better, though it does have a fairly decent brush.

I'd probably wear this one again on my toes. 6 out of 10 for it. Avon currently have it for £5 on the website, but you can pick it up cheaper on eBay or wait for the deal to come around again!

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