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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Marks and Spencer Sorbet

This is one I picked up from eBay a few weeks ago. Trying to work my way through them!
I would say this is a rosy pink colour. Certainly looks nice in the bottle

All the following are indoors with flash.

And indoors without flash.
The above one is the nearest to what it actually looks like. Rosy pink!

This is very easy to apply and has a good formula. The M&S lid is also very easy to hold. All pictures are with 2 coats, but I do think one would have done. It was quick drying and gave a good finish - shiny! And it had a good life, lasted for a good few days.

I got 4 from eBay but you pick this up from M&S for £3 and it's worth it! 7 out of 10 for sure!