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Wednesday 17 August 2011

Barry M Berry Ice Cream NP308

Slowly working my way through my Barry M collection. There are still a few I have to pick up before I've got all the ones I want. This is a pastel lilac colour.
All of the following are indoors with flash.

It's a very nice purple!

And indoors without flash.
I really liked this colour. It did get a good few comments, all positive! It was easy to apply, easy to use and dried quickly. All of the above are of 2 coats as 1 coat is too weak. When I was applying the 2nd coat, I noticed it started to streak unless I had a lot on the brush, so make sure you've got plenty on the brush for the 2nd coat to get a good finish.

8 out of 10. Can be easily found in Superdrug, Boots, online or from the official site!


  1. thats really pretty. your nails are amazing! :O
    i'm not fond of the barry m formula though which is a shame

  2. Hehe thanks :-)

    I really like the Barry M formula, it think they are pretty good for the price, but I only really wear them for 2 or 3 days max.